Jahlil Nzinga

They Gotta See This Shit

March 23 – April 27, 2019



Los Angeles, CA. (Tuesday, February 12, 2019). – Jason Vass is pleased to present They Gotta See This Shit, an exhibition of paintings by Jahlil Nzinga. The exhibition will run from March 24 – April 27, with an opening reception on March 24 from 6 – 9PM.

About Jahlil Nzinga

Jahlil Nzinga hopes to provide a mirror to the gods. A moment of reflection, introspection, and self-realization. Emotions dealt like cards. Face up. Jahlil doesn’t shy away from vivid surrealism. Simple strokes spill complex paradigms. The infinite nature of colours display as fruits in a basket. Each with its own story. Roots from the soil of struggle. Jahlil shares a polyamorous relationship with the arts also recognized as a chart-topping musician who has acted in over fifteen plays (all original works of his mother, Ayodele Nzinga). From his humble beginnings in Berkeley, CA, Jahlil was first exposed to the art scene watching his mother’s early career as a scholar and playwright. Ayodele is a world renowned poet and author whose PhD in transformative education and change influenced her commitment to spreading the seeds creativity. Along with a Master of Fine Arts (MFA), she started the oldest Black theater company in Oakland and is the only director in the world to direct the August Wilson’s Century Cycle in chronological order. Jahlil now carries the brush and has begun to paint Los Angeles red. His reach has spread overseas with several galleries, shows, and exhibits featuring his original pieces in 2018. Jahlil draws inspiration through his connections with the physical world. Faces he’s seen, faces he’s met, faces he has never and will never meet. His glass half full approach to art and knowledge have allowed him to expand his repertoire of disciplines and styles. The process of creation is the same for all, but the outcome will always contain a unique piece of the creator. This is evident in Jahlil’s work which bleeds unforgiving with emotion