1989 – 1991 Bath Spa University

1987 – 1989 St. Helens College of Art and Design
2017Jason Vass ‘RAW Essence’
2016 Albemarle Gallery, ‘Crepuscular’
2015 KM Fine Arts, Los Angeles , Albemarle Gallery
2013 Cadogan Contemporary Art
2011 Cadogan Contemporary Art
2011 Frost Reed Gallery2009 David Linley
2007 JVB
2006 Elizabeth Gardens, New York2005 The Fashion Show
2002 Unicorn Gallery, New York1997 Palace of Westminster
1994 – 2001 New Academy Gallery
1993 – 1994 Royal West of England Academy
1991 – 1992 Christie’s Contemporary Art
Public / Corporate

Northern Trust Building – commissioned to provide non- figurative, large-scale triptychs throughout the building in Canary Wharf, London.

Broadview – provided large-scale New York-themed paintings for the boardroom and main reception for territorial headquarters in St. James’, London.
John Lewis and the Grand Arcade – created a 16’ triptych of the main pedestrian entrance at St. Andrews Street, Cambridge.Corporate clients include, amongst many others: Ford, RMC, Lotus, Canadian Pacific Shipping, Sinopec, Amersham International, Abbey National, Osborne Clark, Morgan Grenfell Bank, Mercury.
British Embassy of Spain – served as the British art representative to the inauguration of the new embassy in Madrid.
Millbank Project – created a 21’ triptych for the main reception area of the ICI Building in Millbank; pictorial themes relevant to the merger of Britain’s two largest power providers.
The Parliamentary Collection – commissioned to provide extensive artwork for the Parliamentary Collection of Portcullis House, Westminster.