Spiritual Temple

Non Grata, Anonymous Boh, Wild Torus, Devil Girl, Toomas Kuusing, Peeter Allik

November 3 – November 17, 2018


Jason Vass is pleased to present Spiritual Mind Temple, a group show featuring works by Estonian artists Non Grata, Anonymous Boh, Peeter Allik, Toomas Kuusing, and Devil Girl (Taje Tross).

Curated by WILD EmbeddingS

“Multimedia, interactive audio-visual, installation, with durational and occasional performances, workshops,
2D and 3D artwork, and video screening. Spiritual Temple is a journey of the spiritual consciousness transmuting into flesh, an installation space that will immerse you in an alternate world of lights, sounds and physical objects, opening new portals on the path of the spirit. Through critical mass participation, we will make contact with the spiritual core of the life and compile a repository of psychic energy. Artists will act as experience initiators and impetus guides, leading you through rituals and spectacles that produce consciousness-altering effects. Spiritual Temple is a sacred space for the post-digital revolution society, a portal to the eternal by the means of the present.”