Philip Mount’s high-contrast paintings sit in perfect limbo between formalism and near gestural abstraction. Professionally-trained at St. Helens College of Art and Design, Mount utilizes skills of compositional and visual balance drawn from years of topographical, architectural and people study. Vibrant burst, swaths, and pools of color are grounded by matte-black blocks that hint at architecture and formal substance. In 1996 Mount was selected to be the first artist in residence at the Palace of Westminster since J.M.W. Turner’s appointment in 1834. He served as residence artist for six years. He is a frequent recipient of government and public commissions and has exhbitied throughout the U.K., New York and Los Angeles. His work can be found in public and private collections internationally including The ICI Building, Millbank, London; Northern Trust; The Parliametnary Collection, London; Amersham International, Buckinghamshire, England; The Ford Collection and the Lotus Collection. Mount travels extensively and is currently living in Los Angeles as an artist in residence for a major film company. 

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